How it works

Steps2Recovery is a twelve week abstinence-based recovery programme. Abstinence means that you recognise the need to live a completely drug free life – no street drugs, legal highs, alcohol or substitute medications such as methadone or subutex. If referred to us you should expect:

  • An initial assessment with a counsellor, when you can ask any questions you may have about the programme;
  • Not to use drugs or alcohol at any time when on the programme. You should expect to be drug tested on entry to and during the programme;
  • To have an assigned buddy from the programme for your first week;
  • To attend the structured day programme each day and participate in group work with your peers;
  • To attend at least three Fellowship meetings a week – such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous – as part of your programme;/li>
  • To be helped to take your first steps in recovery, and to turn your life around.

We offer

Alongside the therapeutic support for clients we also provide:

  • Assistance with Social Services with residency and care proceedings;
  • Pro-bono legal help in some cases, including support with child custody issues;
  • Gym membership for resident clients;
  • Food provided for all clients, through the FareShare scheme;
  • Move on support at the end of the 12 week programme;
  • On-going aftercare support for all clients who complete their programme.

Some comments from our clients

  • My problem with other rehabs has been that I can’t cope with the move from a closed community to the outside world and I’ve always relapsed. This works for me because I’m still in the outside world while I’m on the programme and I’m learning to manage my own time and make my own choices with support.

    S2R Client
  • We’re here because we want to be here. It’s a place you can go to and get hope – not somewhere you’re told to go. None of that authority – being told – that we rebel against.

    S2R Client
  • It’s not just drug use. Here I’ve realised there are other things to address, like offending behaviour. There’s lots of different aspects.

    S2R Client
  • The team spread positivity and lovingness in the house, and that gets picked up as a way to behave by the clients. They tailor treatment and their approach to the individual and you feel they’re equal, not setting themselves up above us.

    S2R Client
  • When I had nowhere to take my son over Christmas, the staff helped me to manage him and stay on the programme.

    S2R Client
  • The rooms are good for a residential. There’s good privacy and the hygiene is good.

    S2R Client
  • S2R counsellors share their experience, they feel real and they really fight for you.

    S2R Client
  • The environment here feels really loving.

    S2R Client
  • There’s no us and them with the staff, it helps me feel comfortable.

    S2R Client
  • What I like about the programme is that it’s built on freedom and trust. Can’t go to the shops in other places. The onus is on you – your recovery is about you. Its whether you’re ready to do it…

    S2R Client
  • I’ve never felt so welcomed in my life.

    S2R Client