Referring clients to Steps2recovery


If you are thinking about referring a client to us they should be abstinent from all mood altering drugs, including alcohol and legal highs. They should be willing to remain abstinent from this point and have a desire to change their way of life. They will find a professional and caring group of people passionate about helping them to achieve this, so long as this is what they want for themselves. On receipt of a referral, one of our staff will make an appointment to assess the suitability of the client for the programme.

Steps2Recovery is a registered charity committed to providing treatment whenever it is needed. Every single place is subsidised by the charity to help keep the costs to the client as low as possible.

Please contact Chula Goonewardene for more information –

Telephone: 020 7923 1364

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9.30 am to 5.00 pm


The weekly cost of the day programme is £470. We ask that the possibility of public funding has been explored for each client. In addition, resident clients pay for their accommodation through housing benefit and a small contribution from their other benefits towards utilities.

Where funding is difficult to obtain the Trustees believe that the charity should try, if possible, to assist the client in obtaining treatment with as few barriers as possible. We will help you through this process whenever guidance is needed.

Our Programme includes:

Residential or day treatment
Group Therapy
Counselling Sessions
Work with families