About Steps2Recovery

steps2recovery houseSteps2Recovery was set up as a charity in 2010 with the aim of providing help for ex-offenders caught in the merry go round of short prison sentences, homelessness, using and chaotic lifestyles who wanted to turn their lives around and become abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Since July 2014 we have run a rolling 12 week abstinence-based day programme in Stoke Newington, in partnership with St Mungo’s Broadway. We have six beds for resident clients and additionally take up to six day clients. We take male and female clients.

  • We actively support abstinence-based recovery
  • We value diversity in our clients, partners and our own team
  • We respect and support our clients’ aims, choices and independence
  • We provide professionalism in our clinical and support services, providing opportunities for our people to realise their potential
  • We value evidence-based decisions to inform our service

Breaking the chain of addiction and re-offending in the community, creating a safer environment for all.

We aim to improve the lives of people in the criminal justice system affected by alcohol or drug dependency by providing high quality, abstinence-based treatment options, help with practical needs and end-to-end support through working with other agencies. We provide a day programme in a safe and supported residential setting to enable and encourage clients to improve the quality of their lives and to fulfil their potential without recourse to alcohol, drugs and re-offending. We enable clients to:

    • Achieve long term freedom from drink, drugs and crime, helping them to identify and recognise triggers that lead back to relapse and how to avoid them. We encourage clients to see the positive benefits of making changes to their lives and recognise their part in living well;
    • Engage and build positive relationships during the programme, with counsellors, mentors and their peers. We encourage our clients to develop sustainable and positive relations outside our structured programme by attending self-help/ mutual aid groups, giving them the best opportunity for long term recovery capital. We work closely with clients to begin repairing or rebuilding family ties, in order to establish positive family relationships; and
    • Use our support to engage positively with other agencies and deal with practical problems they face, such as homelessness, unemployment, custody issues, skills, literacy and family issues.

Our Programme includes:

Residential or day treatment
Group Therapy
Counselling Sessions
Work with families

    Donating to Steps2Recovery

    If you would like to donate to Steps2Recovery, please use one of the online facilities listed to the right

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    text giving steps2recoverySimply text the code STRY00 followed by the amount (eg £10) to 70070

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    Some of our sponsors and supporters

    If you would be interested in becoming a supporter of Steps2Recovery, please contact us and we will give you more information

    The Vintners’ Company
    National Lottery Fund
    i.e. music
    Christopher Needler Trust
    The Dispossessed Fund
    The Tudor Trust
    The Dent-Brocklehurst Trust
    Woodward Trust


    • My problem with other rehabs has been that I can’t cope with the move from a closed community to the outside world and I’ve always relapsed. This works for me because I’m still in the outside world while I’m on the programme and I’m learning to manage my own time and make my own choices with support.

      S2R Client
    • We’re here because we want to be here. It’s a place you can go to and get hope – not somewhere you’re told to go. None of that authority – being told – that we rebel against.

      S2R Client
    • It’s not just drug use. Here I’ve realised there are other things to address, like offending behaviour. There’s lots of different aspects.

      S2R Client
    • The team spread positivity and lovingness in the house, and that gets picked up as a way to behave by the clients. They tailor treatment and their approach to the individual and you feel they’re equal, not setting themselves up above us.

      S2R Client
    • When I had nowhere to take my son over Christmas, the staff helped me to manage him and stay on the programme.

      S2R Client
    • The rooms are good for a residential. There’s good privacy and the hygiene is good.

      S2R Client
    • S2R counsellors share their experience, they feel real and they really fight for you.

      S2R Client
    • The environment here feels really loving.

      S2R Client
    • There’s no us and them with the staff, it helps me feel comfortable.

      S2R Client
    • What I like about the programme is that it’s built on freedom and trust. Can’t go to the shops in other places. The onus is on you – your recovery is about you. Its whether you’re ready to do it…

      S2R Client
    • I’ve never felt so welcomed in my life.

      S2R Client